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Scholarship Recipients


Photo: McKenna Ellena

McKenna Ellena — 2017

Earning Cole's scholarship allowed me to get to the point that I could pay for my full first semester, which is more than amazing. This means so much to me, and to be able to win this amazing scholarship helps every bit. It allows me to go to school and study biology and play lacrosse, which is what I love to do, just like Cole did! Thank you so much!”

— McKenna Ellena

Photo: Jarod Schepp

Jarod Schepp — 2017

Being awarded the Cole Philhower Scholarship is a huge honor. Receiving the scholarship is my everyday motivation to help me strive to be successful in life. Everyday when I wake up I see the Cole Philhower bracelet and are reminded everything that Cole stood for. Receiving this scholarship has not only made me a better person but a humble person. Cole was a leader on and off the field.”

— Jarod Schepp

Photo: Ryan Haselwood

Ryan Haselwood — 2017

Cole's scholarship meant a lot to not only me but my family as well. I was a freshman when Cole was a senior, and although I did not know him personally, he left a tremendous mark on the program. He showed us what it meant to be a true leader. With the use of the scholarship, I am able to attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to study Supply Chain Management as well as continue my lacrosse career. I am truly honor and blessed to say that I was apart of one the greatest families out there, KM lacrosse.”

— Ryan Haselwood


Photo: Cam Goodman

Cam Goodman — 2016

Coming Soon.

— Cam Goodman

Awarded $1000

Photo: Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark #32 — 2016

Coming Soon.

— Nathan Clark

Awarded $1000

Photo: Shay Fulton #22

Shay Fulton #22 — 2016

Winning Coles scholarship meant a lot to me and my family. It is part of the reason I decided to and got to continue playing lacrosse in college, and study at a school I love. I am currently attending Carroll University for Exercise Science with a minor in Spanish, and playing for their women's lacrosse team. It's going really well and I wouldn't be able to do it without the scholarship and daily reminder to do my best no matter what.”

— Shay Fulton

Awarded $1000

Photo: Turner Ramsey

Turner Ramsey — 2016

I am truly honored to be awarded the Cole Philhower Scholarship. Cole was an amazing role model to me during my first year on varsity. Cole made me feel very welcome on the team, and was a leader by example. I plan to continue on in life with the same values Cole lived by. I would not be the same person I am today without Cole's influence, and I will never forget the lessons he taught me.”

— Turner Ramsey

Awarded $1000



Derek Hoppe #13 — 2015

Winning the Scholarship helped me in so many ways. Not having to worry about some of the 1st big payments of college took a lot of weight off my shoulders. Knowing that the books I would need my first semester and second semester were paid off helped not only me, but my parents sleep at night. Being one of the 1st recipients of the scholarship and Coles Award helped me in other ways besides financially. I have had the honor to be an assistant coach for the Kettle Moraine boys Freshman Lacrosse Team. Without Cole as a Role Model and inspiration I probably would not have had the opportunity to coach alongside Coach Ryan Chmill this spring. Cole taught me so much on and off the field. Winning one of Coles Scholarships and his Leadership Award showed me how blessed I am to being one step closer to being a person someone could look up to like we did to Cole. I would like to thank the Cole Philhower Foundation for choosing me as a recipient of his Award and Scholarships. Dear future recipients, remember Cole as the leader he was and lessons he taught you! Carry on Coles Legacy to the highest honor for years to come!

— Derek Hoppe

Awarded $1000

Peyton Hughes — 2015

Winning the Cole Philhower Scholarship meant the world to me. I had known Cole for quite a few years, and over those years we became best friends. Throughout years of lacrosse and school, I am honored to be awarded with this scholarship that has proven me to be held to the same standards of a great man. Since I graduated from Kettle Moraine I have been continuing my education at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin studying Kinesiology, and that’s where the scholarship has helped me immensely. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to pay for my first semester in full without any loans. I appreciate the help from a great friend of mine and will continue my education in his honor.

— Peyton Hughes

Awarded $1000

Alec Jaeschke — 2015

Cole’s scholarship has not only helped make many opportunities possible for me, but it has also acted as a reminder of why I do the work that I do. Coles memory and scholarship remind me of all those who I am accountable to, everyone who taught and supported me so that I could be where I am today. It has meant the world to me! The scholarship has helped me to bring Coles memory into a new stage of my life and made me incredibly proud to move forward in his name! Every day I just hope that I will be able to make him proud too.

— Alec Jaeschke

Awarded $1000

Photo: Jessica Schultz #37

Jessica Schultz #37 — 2015

I am thankful for being awarded one of the Cole Philhower Scholarships. It has made a tremendous difference to me and my family. By receiving this scholarship it has allowed me to take new opportunities that would have otherwise been a financial difficulty.

I am attending Northland College and my first year went well. I made the Dean’s list for both semesters. I am majoring in Outdoor education with a Wilderness Instructor emphasis, and I am double minoring in Environmental Education and Environmental Studies.

— Jessica Schultz

Awarded $1000