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Time Won’t Stop for Me

"After I wished him luck, I got into my car and began to drive home. The quiet, dark drive kept me lost in thought, and I caught myself reminiscing about all of the best memories I had. I realized that time won’t stand still just for me, and we all need to carry on with our futures regardless of what happens. I’ll always have the memories of everything we did, from playing under the warm summer sun to having parties where everyone felt at home because we were our own small family. Being able to look back on everything makes me appreciate it more than I did in the moment, and I can say those three words: It’s been real."

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Cole Philhower & Luc


"Cole and I first met on the first day of third grade where my assigned seat was paired with him."

Jake Miller

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"My whole life I wanted a younger brother."

Jerod Boyd

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Jake Miller & Jerod Boyd

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